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Our Plans ... - Little House in the Ghetto

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January 14th, 2008

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10:03 am - Our Plans ...
A couple people have inquired about our plans, as far as permaculture goes. I figured I'd just post my little piece here.

We live less than a half mile from what is officially deemed the "inner city" of Springfield. We live within sight of Martin Luther King Jr. Drive. It's a poor neighborhood, with both poor black people and poor white people, and old poor people and young poor people. We like it. Kids play in the streets. The hoss across the street mows everyone's lawns. We find alcohol bottles in the street but no needles or vials. The occasional plastic wrapper from a blunt wrapper. Lots of junk food trash. We do live in a food desert. But we're doing something about that! Which, to me, is more important than anything you can see on TV.

We have an 800 sq. ft. house on a corner lot of about 1/4 acre.  A giant old American elm rules the realm. 

Our plans ... lots of gardening. Putting in a woodstove. We had some severe weather events that brought down some big ol' trees in our yard; we're keeping the wood for fuel. We have a big sheet mulched bed overwintering right now. We have six cherry trees and was it 8? other fruit trees. All too young to produce anything yet but in a few years we'll be up to our ears. We think we have a workable place for a little coldframe/greenhouse type structure.

Currently, besides the sheet mulch, we have a few modest beds where we grew tomatos, broccoli, and a weedy jungle last year. We have a couple piles of stuff composting. Tons of firewood stacked, and tons more to split and chainsaw. We have an awesome raspberry patch that has provided us with delightful wines for two years now. And the usual snacking in the yard. Raspberries are divine. sharqi planted some garlic last fall. And other bulbs around some of the fruit trees.  We relish the edible food forest that spontaneously grows every year:  dandelion plantain lamb's-quarter garlic-mustard violets burdock redbud ... Spring is delicious!  And more nutritious than almost any food you can buy.

After the PDC we both spent a lot of time doodling on maps of the property and daydreaming. We could put in a little tiny pond. I thought of doing a sort of outdoor room of food li'l K likes. I imagine a sort of south-facing box with sweet corn, raspberries, and mint and lemon balm stacking down to the inside. And grapes trellising on the corn stalks. Catnip and oat grass in the middle for the cats to frolic in.  I'd love to get some vines on these walls!  I think we have a spot we could turn into a sort of shadehouse to cool air to draw into the house in summer--ironically, where the central A-C unit is. 

We should really insulate the walls, too.  That would be really good.  Not as flashy as a shadehouse or forest garden, but worthwhile! 

And I should finish chainsawing down the giant log of ours that's been on our neighbor's property for a long time.

And, of course, chaos never died and plans can become laughable in a moment.  It's an infinite game
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