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Little House in the Ghetto

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November 27th, 2007

03:10 pm - Chore Wars
Our little party, Springfield Vagabonds.
Current Location: zomba, springfield
Current Music: radio cheeze, waiting for the dub show

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November 19th, 2007

07:25 pm - Decentralized Tactics
Found this while surfing old folders in the hard drive. From 2004.  I'm pleased I've manifested a lot of this.  Here I say "renewing the health" but nowadays I might just say "enlivening."

Decentralized tactics to further the strategy of renewing the health of community--our community with other humans, & our community with "the land" i.e. the community of life, without which, of course, we cannot live. From soil bacteria to river systems reaching across the continent.

Compost--the past two places we've lived, we've left compost piles that will, if all else fails, at least be a source of rich soil for some shit to grow in.

Sow native & other helpful seeds--hey at least it'll feed some birds, if not sprout wildlife that can be used for food, medicine, necessary beauty, & attract other wildlife.

Eat weeds & other stuff you can find without driving or earning/spending money or wrapping in plastic.

Downsize your dwelling--or invite (compatible) others to live with you, sharing expenses, re-membering community.

Use shit till it wears out, then take it apart and use it for something else.

Take plenty of breaks.

Hang out (a.k.a. kicking IT):  ALL ELSE PROCEEDS FROM THIS.

Accommodate the unexpected/unpredictable, rather than trying to pave over it with your overstuffed schedule.

Talk to people. Rather than complain, or judge, think of Good Things to discuss. Like how it's nice to just talk to people rather than passively become filled up with mind-control (advertising) fillertainment.


Abandon painful & arbitrary & wasteful social conventions (shaving, bottle feeding babies, giving "gifts" of useless schlock, school, work).
Current Location: zomba, springfield
Current Music: Groundation, "Glory to the Kings"

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November 18th, 2007

11:43 am - Log Splitting Party: the hangover
Not really hung over, but everyone's way stiff and sore from lots of bending and lifting and heaving and stuff.  Yay Mike and Abby!  Yay Carey!  Yay Kaleigh!  Everyone worked so hard!  We got a lot done, which might be about a third of what needs to be done, to be DONE.  Taking it easy this morning!

The Log Splitting Party was a beautiful example of chaos, anarchy, and tribal life, and as such I felt I was in the presence of the Lord all day.
Current Location: zomba, springfield
Current Mood: stiff n sore n content
Current Music: Apocalypse Across the Sky

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November 16th, 2007

07:11 pm - Log Splitting Party!
We have piles of beans on the stove and two chains sharpened for the chainsaw.  And a reservation for a hydraulic log splitter from the hardware store.  It will be a strenuous Saturday, but it looks like the weather will cooperate, and it'll be good to make it look like we got something done.
Current Location: zomba, springfield
Current Music: none--what's wrong with me?!

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