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What Do We Do? - Little House in the Ghetto

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January 11th, 2008

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10:19 pm - What Do We Do?
My brother wrote:
my friends at school or colleagues at my internship ask me, "So, what does your brother do?" I explain to them about unjobbing, how you're a stay-at-home dad, etc. Then, they ask, "What does his wife do?" Then I say, "Pretty much the same." Nobody up here talks about permaculture, and surely nobody ever mentions--nor has the slightest clue--what unjobbing is....  I get quizzical looks and polite comments, like, "Oh, well that's interesting."
I started thinking about "what we do".  I made a list.
  • So what do we do?  Besides unjobbing and unschooling (and unchurching and ungoverning)?
  • We’re simulated patients for the local school of medicine.  Part time, erratically.
  • I have been selling blood plasma (which gets made into medical products for people).
  • We’re also experimentally permaculturing and rewilding our 1/4 acre patch of land in this poor city neighborhood.
  • We also brew wine and kombucha, and bake bread with a sourdough culture (it makes flour more nutritious).
  • We garden and forage.
  • We like to hang out–all else proceeds from this!
We read, listen to music, do art with the kid, go to the library, go to the park, go for bike rides, walk to the neighborhood grocery store, we also surf the web and do email and blog.  More than is good for us!
Current Location: zomba, springfield
Current Music: WQNA Dub System

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