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CreatorCreatingMinutesMomentUsEarsPraise - Little House in the Ghetto

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December 26th, 2007

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12:41 pm - CreatorCreatingMinutesMomentUsEarsPraise
was gonna write a river a while ago but my flow
got attracted by some Moor
Flow 'n now i'm candled in a peal
of kid footsteps and a knock to my glasses crooked
to the floor, no, just
to my nose
but isn't that the way these things goes
round and round and now the sound is
laughter in the Templedom of Zomba,
stone, "U"saw it too
the shift of the drivelized devil mask to another
facemaskwearingthedevil'roar though
it was allways one big piling and one big landslide top eye
conditioned gravity crunch situation your meals
rely upon those wheels'
petroleum lipstick kisses smelty smudge on
your face 'n botox promises of
better face box fox;
Rowdy wow pox kicken' it back
hear in the ghetto with Astray sound spinnin around and
Kaliha's occasional leg foot on my shoulder
when Sharqi is back in the stiches did
mending and purling knit and purl and  the
sound of slather as lotion rubbing---
Hakim Lollard's palms returned earthward with the digs
the tunes channel from rooms to the
room of my Ear' sacred soul channel sound inward outward and
back, gotta say Roomi hear gotta say
Radio Head taking me in their arms' flow
or so that what it sounds like he sang
in sinuous arabesques sways up and down up up
down praising along with All the room
Your Way Ooomzingsingings
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